Microsoft Access is a database management system from Microsoft which stores information in the form of tables. To get the desired information from the database table, MS Access uses “Query” backed by structured Query Language or SQL. Do not panic! You do not have to be an expert in SQL to create and run a query in MS Access. You can create different types of queries in Microsoft Access. Now we will discuss how to create an Append Action Query in MS access 2007.This query is used to append new data to the already existing database table without disturbing its original structure. Sometimes it may happen that you have a table and you wish to simply add new data collected from different sources to this table without having to retype the data all over again. Here comes the Append Action query to your rescue!

You can add the new data to the already existing table very easily by following these basic steps:

Step 1: Open the database from which you want to copy the records.

Step 2: Click on the Create tab in the main menu bar. A listing of menus will appear. In the Other menu, click on Query Design. The query designer will open, and the Show Table dialog box appears.

Step 3: Double-click the tables or queries that contain the records to be copied click close. The tables or queries will appear as one or more windows in the query designer. Fields in a table or query will be listed in each window.

Step 4: Double-click each field to you want to be append. The selected fields will appear in the Field row in the query design grid.

Step 5: If you want, you can enter one or more criteria in the Criteria row of the design grid.

Step 6: click on the Design tab in the main menu bar.Then in the Results tab, click Run.

Step 7: Be sure that the query returns the records you wish to copy. If you wish to add or remove fields from the query, go to design view again and add fields as mentioned in the steps above, or simply select the fields not needed and press ‘DELETE’.

Step 8: On the Home tab, in the View group, click on View, and then click on Design View.

Step 9: On the Design tab, in the Query Type group, click on Append. The Append dialog box show up on the screen. Next, you have to specify whether you want to append records to a table in the current database, or to a table in a different database. If you have to append records to the current database, click on Current Database in the Append dialog box. Now select your destination table from the Table Name combo box, and then click OK. But if you have to append records to another database, click on Another Database in the Append dialog box.

Step 10: In the File Name box, enter the location and name of the destination database.

Step 11: In the Table Name combo box, enter the name of the destination table, click OK.

Step 12: To see if the changes you have made are as you want them to be, switch to the database view.

Step 13: If you are satisfied with the results, click run.

You will see that the new records are smoothly added to your database table.