MS Access is great help to small application developer and data architects. You need to create MS Access form to work on and a filter record allows you to retrieve all the specific information from a table. Just take an example, in your computer collection, you may access to a filter in order to locate all the computer details regarding the RAM (Random Access Memory). Let us explore and find out, how can you create MS Access form based on more than one table?

Step one: Open the MS Access window, and press the F11 key using your keyboard. This will open the “Database Window”. Click on the forms tab in order to further your creation of MS Access form step.

Step two: The moment you click on “New”, a dialogue box will appear where you will be required to choose the wizard you long to use.

Step three: Here we have to use the Form wizard, in order to get through the process. Click on “OK” tab, once you choose the form wizard.

Step four: The wizard will ask you to select the fields and tables you long to have on your form and Click on “Next” Tab to proceed further.

Step five: You can choose how to view your data from the options available and click on “Next” to move further.

Step Six: Then you will be required to choose your desired layout and style by clicking on “Next” for the respective steps.

Step Seven: To read your form for usage, name it and click on the “Finish” Tab to end the process.

Filtering of your records can be done easily by selection method which as follows:

Step one: Access the records containing table which you want to filter.

Step two: Taking an idea from the computer collection example, you can select the field containing the word “RAM” in order to locate the field which contains value of the records you long to filter.

Step three: Amongst icons in the toolbar you will find an icon for “Filter by Selection”. If you can not find one, then simply right-click on the selected field and from the drop down menu chose the option of “Filter by Selection”.  Once you do so, MS Access will display a table containing field you have selected.

Step four: If you long to further your field selection for another object, then you can do so by simply following the above steps.

Let us also check out another method of filter by form:

Step one: Open your table in Datasheet view and click on the “Filter by Form” icon found on your toolbar. A dialogue box appears talking about the “Filter by Form”.

Step two: The field must be clicked on which specifies the criteria your records must meet. Like for example, RAM will fall under the criteria or field of type “Main Memory”.

Step three: Choose the value you’re searching for and click on the Apply filter icon. This will produce the list of records that match up the specified criteria.

Thus, filtering of the records or creation of table form no longer remains tough job to do. Once you’re familiar with facilities in your hand in MS Access.