Many times it so happens that you would forget your system password and get stuck because you cannot access all your important data which is inside the system. Well, you can overcome this problem using a password reset disk which can be used in such situations. This article helps you in creating a Password reset disk for a system that is not a member of the domain.

The main aim here is to make password reset disk that can give you the access to your Windows XP-based computer if you have forgotten your password. The following steps are to be followed without any error in order to create a password reset disk.

  • First of all click on the Start Button from where you click on Control Panel. Select the type of account that you are working with.
  • Click on the Prevent Forgotten password after inserting a Blank CD in the drive. Type the current password if there exists one.
  • After the progress is complete you have the password reset disk ready.
  • The Above steps are to be followed from every type of account.
  • Now store the disk in a safe place where only you can reach it, and remember it in times of necessity.

The password reset disk should be used in the following manner.

  • The Type Password box appears on the logon screen of Windows XP. The password reset disk helps you in resetting your password.
  • Confirm the password again and finish the process.
  • The new password is set now. Using this password you can logon to the windows.

The Password reset disk is a very useful utility for those who have lots of passwords to remember and who constantly confront situations wherein they have forgotten their system password, the most essential one. There are certain drawbacks of this password reset disk which cannot be subdued. Take a look at some aspects that password reset disks need to overcome. One is you cannot use the password reset disk on a system on which it is not created i.e. on two different systems using windows XP as their Operating system with the same user name and password the disk created on one system cannot operate on the other system. But that in fact can be considered as a security feature as well for other systems. Otherwise anyone can use their password reset disc and reset your system’s password leaving you in turmoil.

Next is that the disk can only help in resetting the Local computer administrative password. It cannot reset the Domain password. If the domain password is lost only the system administrator can reset it. And at last, this disk is viable to attacks as anyone can reset your system password using this disk. So it is of prime importance that the disk is stored at a safe location.

Take care of all these points mentioned here and a password reset disc can prove to be an excellent utility for your system, but as technological utilities are a two sided sword, make sure that the wrong side doesn’t assail you.