Windows XP based workgroup computers can easily be created with unique password reset disks just in case the passwords get forgotten. A password reset disk is quite easy to create and use, anybody with a basic knowledge of operating a computer is capable of creating one. However the same password reset disk cannot be used in different machines even if the user names and passwords are exact same.

Why create a password reset disk

As human beings anything in mind can get jumbled or forgotten quite easily, for weird reasons. Even if a person has a very good memory, because of the hundreds of passwords and pin numbers, he or she might easily get mixed up with which goes where. What if the password to access the computer was ever forgotten or mixed up with. The chances are that the user may be locked out and be helpless unless he or she has a password reset disk created prior to getting locked out.

How to create a password reset disk

Password reset disk can be created by accessing ‘Related Tasks’ and ‘Prevent a forgotten password’ within ‘User Accounts’ in ‘Control Panel’. Once the the ‘Prevent a Forgotten Password’ option is clicked the password wizard starts. Afterwards its just a matter of following the instructions and inserting the blank disk when prompted. However the current user password is required to complete this process as that is how the system makes sure the correct person is authorizing the operation.

One disk per machine

A password reset disk can only be used in a single corresponding machine only. Simply put the same disk cannot reset somebody else’s user password even if it is the same user name and the same password. These limitations are posed for security reasons and if a single disk is capable of being used in many computers it becomes less secure.

How to use the disk

Using the disk is quite easy too. At the login screen the password box has to be clicked and then the right arrow button or the ENTER key has to be pressed in order to request from the system to provide the user with options to reset the password. Within error message box is a link to “use your password reset disk”. Clicking on the link and following simple instructions can reset the user password of the particular computer.

Password reset disks are essential for business computers if passwords are used to secure the workstations or PC’s within the business. Because vast amount of important data are stored within computers, having password reset disks can eliminate a lot of hassle just in case a user gets locked out.