Google is attempting to span the massive breach between the Android marketplace and Apple’s Store with App Inventor.

The Wizard

The application program provides an interface for anybody to build up a smart phone application program, without any technological method expected. It voices like a distinguished idea, until you think of all the rotten apps that might flood the Android Market as a consequence of bringing down the developing bar.

Because it abides at present, Apple’s iOS App Store legions approximately 225,000 application programs from all over 43,000 developers, while Google’s Android Market grades at a distant 2nd with approximately 60,000 apps, and across 10,000 developers aboard, according to official counts and a news from App Store headquarters.

The Aim

Google’s App Inventor attempts to span this ample gap between the two competitor application program stores by fundamentally endowing anybody with an approximation to develop an app for Android phones. App Inventor is a Web-based application program that allows you drag/ drop buttons and text to create an app, without you being forced to enter a line of computer code.

Nevertheless, Google’s approximation to artificially amplify the counts in the Android marketplace may not be ideal. Google presented a brief promotional video for App Inventor, which demonstrates an adult female building up a very quick app for her Nexus One. That is smashing, but the trouble is that the mere thing the app executes is to play cat sound when you click on a figure of the feline.


Android admirers will be fast to comment that the receptivity of the Android Market coupled with App Inventor will be a blessing for the platform, which is slowly and easily acquiring traction versus its largest competitor up till now, Apple’s iPhone. But the fact is that the caliber of almost all the apps in the Android Market isn’t all of the time on the equality with their iPhone similitude.

To the bitterness of iOS and App Store friends, Apple’s application programs store has a lot of worthless apps also; from lots of farting audio generator, to mirror apps, and to a lot of torch apps. Nonetheless, the general consensus amongst industry aces is that iPhone apps are finely designed than their Android twins, with a couple of notable exceptions. You will not discover in Apple’s App Store apps similar to Google Voice , Nintendo emulators , or inbuilt keyboard options like Swype .

Dating back to Google’s App Inventor, if the Android Market would see an overflow of worthless cat-sound generating apps, or any like apps, this won’t adjutant Android’s drive for quality, but hardly boost the numbers of the market place artificially, in hunt for equality with Apple.

Problem with App Inventor

Google’s App Inventor could also out up a security risk for Android based devices’ users. If an ill-intent individual produces an app that cons you of your Facebook or Twitter log-in particulars, or even depositing credentials, there’s no security for Android Market to shun these apps — unless Google itself considers to take an initiative and pull such app from your device, as it served the two apps in June.

Although the prospect of authorizing any devoted Android phone possessor with the power to develop apps, Android requires more quality apps and lower junk to ultimately take over iOS.