Microsoft Office 2007 is completely different from the earlier versions in terms of functionality, features, look and feel. Office 2007 has been in news since its release, not only because of its new look but for new powerful features and functions. The all new versions provide great functionally to create and manage document by using MS Word 2007 and MS Excel 2007.

There are various hidden options available in Office application which can be used to create a perfect a document and we are going to discuss all those tips and tricks to create a better document using Office 2007.

Seamless coordination amongst various documents and applications:

In Office 2007, there are number of formatting tools which can be shared between two different applications. Like any Theme and Style of a Word Document can be imported in the Excel file as well.

1 Select proper Theme for your document:

Themes can be considered the visual representation of your document. It is done by applying color type, fonts, and graphical effects and it can be applied on entire document by just one click. It is a simple task and you would not need to change formatting for each cell or page. All you need to do it to select the desired Theme and it will be applied on entire Word or Excel document. You can also share custom Themes and also can import and export Themes amongst various documents.

2 Use Quick Style:

This is the in-built tool in MS Word 2007.  This is set of pre defined formatting which can use in any of your document. It is collection galleries where all the style format available like picture style, font style, etc.

There is also coordination between Themes and Quick Style which means any changes are made in any on the options is reelected and updated in other option as well.

Better Graphic creation:

1 SmartArt: It is the replacement of the previous tool called Diagram and Organization Chart tool. It is an all new way to represent the data and graphical way. It is available under Insert tab option in all the MS Office application.

2 Use Charts: Chart representation is mainly used in Excel files. It is the best way to show any research and analytical work into visual representation.

This tool is available under ‘Design’ tab and ‘Chart Tool’.

Document designing

1 Build blocks in MS Word: It is new feature where you can build blocks in any word document and AutoText by selecting a few features.

2 Custom layouts in PowerPoint:  You will have the features to customize each PowerPoint slide in the PowerPoint presentation file. The option is available under View/Slide Master navigation.

3 Convert any data into Table: You can convert and simple worksheet data into a table in MS Excel 2007. This gives to extra functionality analyze and interpret data more effectively.