Today a business enterprise extensively uses presentations to convey there message during meetings and conferences. Since a long time presentations have played a vital role in terms of representing the ideas graphically. One can make presentations better and presentable by using tips as mentioned below.

A dozen tips will help you:

Tip one

One can make use of themes which are in the form of design templates in Microsoft Power point. Themes actually helps you to create a better look for presentation and at the same time they help co-ordinate all of the documents almost swiftly. A theme contains style of fonts, graphical effects and colours, which can be just applied by a mere click.

Tip two

Use audio and video support to convey the message in your presentation more effectively. You can add video with a concept of your presentation to make it more view friendly. By a mere mouse click an audio track can be played which will make your presentation more precise.

Tip three

You can have animated clip arts and graphics on your screen and this can add flair to your presentation. Bear in mind to limit your presentations and as this way; it can have a better effect. You can go supplementing your presentation with the help of the presentation.

Tip four

Before your first leg towards preparation of your slides, keep in mind to create presentation which is more effective and clear. You can do so, by outlining your presentation.

Tip five

Make use of slide-master which is one the most powerful and important tools in Microsoft Power point. This way it will not only aid you by allowing you to create an easy to use slides and awesome presentations. The slide-master actually gives you a place where you can go for formatting your slides and adding content to your slide, this place is called a central place.

Tip six

One can make use of graphical representation for emphasising on key points. You can make use of a diagram or chart which can more precisely speak about the statistics if present in your presentation.

Tip seven

You can switch between screen presentation and printing options. But, if you print the presentation that was designed to be viewed on screen, then you won’t get a proper print of the latter and your print may experience a wired background and distracted foot notes.

Tip eight

You can prevent your presentation from getting crowded with ample text and too much content by making use Notes pane. The Notes pane will appear in the slide below and they will be in normal view.

Tip nine

You can compress the size of your presentation by making use power point items like charts, shapes, tables and Smart art graphics etc. This is because when you make use too large entities for making your slide your presentation’s size increases.

Tip ten

Keep in mind to make use of the tools of the power point, in order to make your slides consistent, thus making your presentation better.

Tip eleven

Remember to turn off the Auto Correct options of the layout. The latter can be a better time saver, but at the same becomes quite irritating if not used intentionally.

Tip twelve

Prepare the slide of presentation which must be viewer friendly or what the viewer is actually longing to see.