Microsoft Office 2010 introduces extraordinary new technologies that give you the power to create the content you have always wanted, from flexible easy to use features that help your ideas shine to tools designed to save you time and give you the better results you might be amazed at how easy it is also to create incredible documents.

Following are steps to create incredible documents more easily using office 2010

Step 1:

You can give text as much impact as graphics in your Word documents

Just open type typography and you can create the look of professional typesetting with the support for typography featured that are stored in many open type fonts.

Step 2:

You can apply many of the same effects to that you do to graphics and pictures including custom shadows, bevels, reflections and more and you can select from many preset formats or customize your own, because you apply these text effects directly to document text and you can still spell check text that uses effects or add text effects to styles.

You can go to Home tab and in the Font group A find the Text Effects gallery and if you want to create more text effect options then press Ctrl+D to open the Font dialog box and then click Text Effects to open the Format Text Effects dialog box.

You can apply effects like as gradient files, bevels and reflections directly to document text.

Step 3:

You can recover files that you can close without saving

In earlier versions of MS Office, you could often recover unsaved changes if the program closed unexpectedly like the power failure and sudden shut down your computer. But now in Office 2010 you will get your work back if you didn’t save you work. You can access drafts of documents that were never saved, to do this you can go in Backstage view and on the Info tab click Manage Versions

Now you can also access up to the last five autosave versions of your previously saved active document from the Info tab and in Backstage view by default the last autosave version remains available temporarily if you close the document without saving.

Step 4:

It can Automatic highlighting of Search results, when you search for a document text in Word 2010 then results are highlighted automatically throughout the document, you also see highlighting in the Navigation pane, headings are highlighted when those portions of the document contain search hits and you can see highlighted search results at a glance on the thumbnails pane.

You can go to access the familiar Find dialog box with advanced find options in the Navigation pane then you can click the arrow beside the search box and then click Advanced Find or you can press Ctrl+H to open the Replace tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.

Now enable the Navigation pane form the View tab in the Show group.

By reading this article you can create incredible documents more easily using Office 2010.