Today computers are not only a part of our work but also are a part of our entertainment and with it music can be a fun for students. Today a variety of music software are available in market and with the help of such software products you can easily learn and build music, can make music a fun, interactive, and convenient activity for students. Here, I am going to discuss the most three popular PC music software, starting from the beginners level to the professional level.

Let us start our discussion with beginner’s level. At this level of learning music Morton Subotnick’s Programs helps us. The developer of this software programme is Morton Subotnick. Kids in your home can unleash their capabilities in music with this fun loving and educational music program. For  children under the age of three years, parents may take control for the navigation of child for learning music. Morton Subotnick is an Award-winning      music composer Morton Subotnick and a pioneer in creating various kinds of interactive computer music systems. The basic emphasis of this programme is learning through fun. Apart from this, the programme features four different types of computer music games to challenge kids.

The another level of learning the music is intermediary level. If you have all the basic capabilities then you can jump to this level. MAGIX Music Maker is a programme developed for intermediate music learners. You can build up a variety of music with the help of this programme. MAGIX Music Maker is already a big hit in Europe. Even this software helps musicians to create music, regardless of their earlier knowledge. Music Maker provides an option to the user to select music nodes from thousands of ready-made loops and samples created with various instruments. It is also possible to import the new music clips from your real instruments like CDs or digital music files. Apart from this, Users can preview the loops and samples and can import it onto the screen. This program allows users to create up to 96 separate music tracks. The features of this programme include a sophisticated drum machine, a vocal tuner and some enhanced editing tools that automatically correct the recorded vocals.

The final level of creating music with computer tools is the Advance level. This category of music development use some advance tools to create music. You can get a grip over this tool, if you have knowledge up to the intermediate level. Music Creator Pro is such a advance music creation software tool or programme. Music Creator Pro developed by Cakewalk Company is a sophisticated PC tools. A PC keyboard can be used for this tool and even you can connect the music instruments to your computer to use this tool. The advance music development programs offers more advanced audio-mixing options as compared to the other products. This latest release of Music Creator adds “audio warp” effects and many other functions.