For any newly launched website, leaving an impression on the search engine results is extremely difficult. Similarly, it is equally tricky to attract a huge traffic to your website. Everybody doing business on the web looks forward to attracting more traffic to their website. However, with the wide range of Search Engine Optimization strategies available today, it may get somewhat easier for you to attract a wider audience. Generally, people focus more on the content added to the pages and the keywords. These are useful, but there are other factors such as linking which are equally essential. Amongst all the SEO strategies, building back links for your website is one of the most essential and beneficial ways to divert a huge traffic to your newly launched website.

Back links helps your novice website gain attention of viewers on the web and hence helps increase your page rank on the search engines. Back links can be achieved by two methods, reciprocal links and one way back links. Back links from different websites point directly over to your website and hence pass on their viewers to your website. Well, here are a few notable ways that you can follow to build great one way back links for your website.

Determine the most suitable keyword for your website

Use the best tools to find the most appropriate keyword niches for your website. These keywords will help you to find a related competition wherein you can find linked websites that can give you back links to your website.

Study your keyword

Once you have selected the appropriate keywords, perform a proper research for them on all the major search engines. This will give you a better understanding of your keyword and where it stands in the on line market.

Research the other well known websites linking to your websites competition

Each of these search engines will provide you the “link:” command. Now place this command before the site address of those particular websites for which you wish to check the back links. This will give you the idea about the back links offered by these companies.

Write genuine content

In order to attract good number of visitors to your website, it is essential that your website is genuine, especially the content. Hence, you should write good authentic content for your website for the selected website niche topics. Make sure that your content length is around 400-500 words as very lengthy content is usually not quite preferred by the readers.

Contact the website owners by email

Well, now that your website is completed properly, you can contact the owners of your competitive websites. Make sure that you are cordial and honest to the web masters. It is extremely essential to convince them for providing backlinks to our website.

Submitting content

When submitting your content, make sure that it includes a resource box with contextual anchor link which contains the niche phrase for your website. You can always form an anchor link using the tag.

Submit articles to directories

Remember to add your articles to directories by reading their guidelines. Directories provide free back links to websites.