When you are too fond of music or videos then you may find it interesting to be able to have a list which plays your favorite tracks in a manner you want it to. Windows Media Player provides a wonderful utility to cater this and it is called ability to create playlist. Well play list is simply a sequential list of digital files which you can create as per your requirement and then save with your desired file name. When you set the file to be played in the Media player then the content is played as per the set sequence.

You can also modify the sequence, add more files or delete any unwanted files from the playlist. It is indeed a fabulously smart way to organize and group the songs and videos. You may set the videos and songs of a particular mood in a playlist and another mood in another playlist. Moreover you can also burn the playlist on to a CD or share it on some other device. The smart application is intuitive and thus provides ways to create playlist.

Auto Playlist and Simple Playlist

It has an auto playlist option in which a list is created by the system based on the contents of the player library and the modifications made by you while using the Media player. You also have the simple playlist in which you can drag and drop songs or add them. Using the controls you can change the order of the files too. It may be simply group of files, be it images, videos, songs etc which are set in a desired sequence and saved as a playlist.

Creating Play List

It is really simple to create a playlist in the Windows Media Player. Follow the below mentioned steps to create one for yourself.

  1. Open the Windows Media Player, from the Start menu> All Programs.
  2. Switch to the Player Library mode in case you are viewing the player in the ‘Now Playing’ mode. To do this select the ‘Library’ button on the top-right corner of the player interface.
  3. Select the Play tab and then open the pane for the songs and files list.
  4. Drag the files you want to add in the playlist on the details pane.
  5. Arrange them in the desired order with the help of mouse or keyboard arrow keys.
  6. Once you are done save the list with the desired file name and at a location easily accessible.

The Skip Functionality

You can also set to skip songs, in case you want to skip several songs in the playlist. It is a smart and fast way to simply re-alter the list without creating a new one. In case you had a pre-created or auto created playlist then you can use the skip feature to modify it as per your choice. Unlike deleting the file or track here you can include it later if you want to listen to it. There are a lot of instances where this feature is extremely handy. Saving the playlist with this is easy.

So to have the most exciting experience with the Windows Media Player you must use the playlist feature.