PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is the most widely used document format from Adobe which has gained immense popularity because of its features. Any kind of information, be it text, image, tables, charts, hyperlinks, etc can all be consolidated into one single document and sent across. PDF also works seamlessly on web pages and viewers for PDF files are free of cost. You can download Adobe Reader to read the PDF files. It is not only portability but also the security measures which have made PDFs a great success. Every PDF file can be password protected and the hash used in its password is quite extreme and cannot be broken if a strong password is used. PDF has become an amazing platform for sending across the information without even thinking of the version of reader the recipient would have. There are any issues in sending documents created by other applications like Microsoft Word etc, because if you create a document in Word 2007 and send it to someone then the recipient must also have version 2007 or later in order to open and read the file. This often lead into resending of the files in proper formats and delay the work.

In this post I will discuss a way to save any document as a PDF file using Microsoft Word.

Step 1: create your document and insert whatever you wish to add. You can add text, pictures, tables, charts, hyperlinks, you can have multiple colours and whatever you want and save the file as a word file (DOC). Saving it as DOC would be wise because this will work as the original file which you can anytime modify.

Step 2: Keeping this file open click on ‘File’ and then on ‘Save As’.

Step 3: When the ‘Save As’ box appears click on the ‘Save As Type’ drop down and then select ‘PDF’ from the menu. Once you select PDF as the ‘Save As’ type you will get further options in that window.

Step 4: Make appropriate choices for your PDF file by clicking on the options button. These options are standard features of any PDF file and will decide the way the file views on other computer if that doesn’t have proper fonts etc.

Step 5: Click on ‘Save’ and that would be all. This way you can save your Word Document as a PDF document.

Steps given above were strictly only for Microsoft Word and if you want even other programs to be able to create PDF files then you would need to install PDF printers. PDF printer is a small application which installs a logical printer on your machine and you can select to print on it for creating PDF files. One of the best software for the same is CutePdf Writer.