PDF(portable document file) is the highly popular and standard way to distribute and exchange electronic documents and forms around the globe. There are various reasons for the popularity of this application as it takes less space as compared to its competitor. It also allows your document to remain durable and unaffected by others and provides better security. Moreover users can share PDF of different formats.

To create PDF in Windows Vista a large number of tools are available online. Some of these tools include:

  • CutePDF
  • Ghostscripts
  • Openoffice

You can choose these tools according to your convenience. According to our research and testing we found that the most popular and suitable tool is CutePDF which is open source application.

We have some easy and very convenient instructions for you to use these applications. First let us tell you about CutePDF. To create PDFs in your operating system you just need to go to Cute PDf website and download it. After downloading, install this application. However the only major drawback of CutePDF is that it is an online based program, which requires you to be connected to the Internet.

In CutePDF open the document from the file menu in the web browser you are using and click “OK’. Now click on the “print” menu and after clicking the “print window” will appear. now here you have to do is to choose printer as “CutePDF” and click “print”. The creation of PDF is done now choose the location where you want to save this file click on the “save” tab.

We have two more tools which are also very user friendly and easy to use. First we tell you about ghost script: as we told you these all are web based application so you always have to be connected to internet, now “download” and “install” the GhostScript application. Now you have installed this application , open the ghostscipt program and just click on the “file” tab now click “open” and select the file you want to convert into PDF. Now click on “save” and you will get save window there only you have to change the file type into “PDF”. You can specify name of the file and locate this file to save there when the conversion is done.

So,you are familiar with these two application, now we will tell you about one more interesting application named as “OpenOffice”. Like the last two this is also very easy to use and efficient. To get this application you just have to go to “OpenOffice” website to download and install the file. When the installation is done ‘open” or “create” a file in the writer program. As usual click on “save as’ name the file and locate the file where you want to save it as per your convenience, select format as PDF(important).