A netbook is a great addition to the PC’s world in the way it offers flexibility in usage. It is one of those portable gadgets you can carry around and is as well very handy for checking mails and browsing the net. However, the fact that they do not have disc drives makes it obviously impossible to install windows 7 if you want to use the windows 7 DVD. This by far is its demerit but it does not mean you can’t have the windows 7 operating system in your netbook.

Ways to go about it

There are ways to go about it and the creating windows 7 on a flash key to upgrade a netbook is one of those ways. With the flash key upgrade mechanism, it should be child’s play upgrading your netbook to windows 7 if you really want to use it. First time I wanted to upgrade my netbook to windows 7, the first challenge I encountered was how to go about it and since I had no idea then, I was pretty annoyed. However, I soon discovered that you can easily upgrade through this simple but awesome procedure. I will walk you through it and you should be able to do it as well easily.

For starters,

To start the procedure, just insert a USB flash into any of the slots on your netbook and go to the “Start” tab on the left, lower side of your PC from where you will open the instant search bar and simply enter the words “cmd.” Once the “cmd” entry is displayed, just right click on it and select the tab “Run as Administrator” from here. Immediately, the command window will open and its time to enter your next command.

Your next command to type is “diskpart” after which you will then type “list disk” for the command to show you all your disks. If you plan on a using a 2GB USB Flash disk, then from the list of disks just choose the 2GB USB Flash you will see. After you have chosen the disk to use, enter the words “Select Disk 1” and then the words “clean” and this will format the USB Flash for the windows 7 operating system. When the cleaning is done, you will see the message “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning your disk.”

Upgrade your netbook Easily

Now just enter the words “create partition primary” and then follow it with the word “active” as well to activate the disk. To format your disk, type “Format FS=Fat32 and you will immediately see the progress of the process from 0 to 100%. After the formatting process is completed at 100%, it is then easy to download windows 7 portable file, the ISO, from the internet and copy it to your USB Flash. Alternatively, you can copy windows 7 from another computer with DVD drive by simply inserting the windows 7 disc and copying it to the USB Flash to be used in upgrading your netbook.

Once you have the windows 7 file in your USB Flash, it is now ready for use in the upgrade of your netbook.