The Libraries feature is a powerful tool in Windows 7 that lets you organize your files that you have kept in different places in the computer. It lets you view and arrange whatever it is you have stored in your computer easily and at no hassles at all. It is a superb way of dealing with clutter in your PC that comes in the form of folders and files being arranged disorderly and access becoming an issue.

Customize to your Preferences

As such, you can customize a Library to fit your needs and preferences in your PC as you wish to make things a little bit easier for you. For instance, you can change the location from where a Library gets its items by simply adding or removing folders in the particular library. There is a feature that lets you include folders in the library or remove them if you no longer want them there. On the other hand, you can as well customize the general settings of the library to meet your preferred individual customized look and feel. Simply do this by changing the Library’s default storage location or alternatively, you can easily achieve this by changing the type of file that a Library is supposed to be handling.

Change your Library’s Default Storage Location

Windows 7 allows you to customize a library by even changing its default save location to any particular one you want. Your library’s default save is crucial is in deciding where your folders or files will be kept when you move them or whenever you copy them  or whenever you save them in the library. This simple, just open your library the specific for whose default save location you want to change and navigate to the pane of the library from where you will find “Locations” tab and simply click on it. Once you have opened the Locations tab, right click any library location that you are not using currently as your default save location n adjust click on save as default save default and you are as good as done. The moment you click, you have successfully change your library’s default location to one you prefer and it could even be a library you created that stores your favorites amongst other things.

Change the Optimized function of a Library

If you want to change the optimized function of storage for your library, it is relatively easy. First of all, each of the windows 7 libraries is made for the storage of particular type of file for instance music or pictures or videos and as such, if you make a library optimized for a particular type of file, the options available for that library will obviously be tailored for the items the library is supposed to save. This allows you to easily arrange and organize such files in the optimized library. Simply Right click on the library you want to change and optimize for a different usage and click on properties. Once you have opened properties, choose Optimize this library for list, click on the file type to be optimized and finish with OK.