Released in the beginning of 2007, Windows Vista is an operating system that stands behind just one other Microsoft operating system, namely, Windows 7 which was released in 2009. Windows Vista, codename Longhorn, cost Microsoft around the figure of 6 billion dollars to develop. As such, the operating system has many new and innovative technological additions as well as a more than generous dollop of essential applications which makes it a cinch to use.

One such application is handwriting recognition.  This program is included with a view to enable extreme personalization of the device and operating system. Handwriting Recognition in the Windows Vista is a multi-faceted program that allows recognition of not just a user’s way of writing but also his/her vocabulary and usage of words. This program is synthesized to understand and recognize the user input in widely used languages like English and Japanese as well as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and even Korean. This recognition tool has undergone years of research and development and as such, displays a much higher level of accuracy as compared to the older versions of similar software.

Using ‘Flicks’

It can be used most successfully in union with a drawing tablet or a Tablet PC that is fitted with a stylus and digitizer which enables a user to write directly on its screen. Navigation through the handwriting recognition tool of Windows Vista is with the use of ‘flicks’ using the custom pen and input device option.  This option allows the user to directly use the pen on the surface of the screen to flick so as to scroll up or down.

Highly Customizable Application

The inclusion of handwriting recognition tool is to make the device more intelligent in an effort to cater to the unspoken needs of the users. It does not replace the use of the keyboard but acts as a supplementary form of information input that serves the personalization purpose of the user as well. Pen input becomes instantly recognized and thereby available to searches on the device. This technology in Windows Vista allows for the efficient and accurate conversion of a number of variant handwriting techniques into straight forward typed text. The user’s handwriting style can now be used in the tool as well as anywhere else so as to facilitate quick input of information where ever the computer device allows such converted input. Irrespective of what your handwriting looks like the handwriting recognition engine can be programmed to understand and convert said input to the typed format. This is achieved by providing users with a way to enter physical samples of letters or numbers that are written by them in a distinctive manner or indeed the entire writing style could be entered as a sample.

After many additions to the initial Inferno handwriting recognition tool, the current ritePen program used in synchronization with riteScript that works with the tool in the Windows Vista allows for much greater accuracy than earlier possible. In today’s fast paced world, most of us spend a lot of time typing which may cause stress injuries in some cases, this deals with that eventuality and just makes life simpler by a few degrees.