The start menu of the windows 7 has a different look from the other windows start menu option. Start menu 7 is much easier and natural to use for everybody then the others.

The Windows 7 start menu items basically placed in an alphabetical order, that’s why you can easily find out any program or command by its name. You can open the start menu in any location of your PC with a single click. If you want to create, modify, and reorder the items in your start menu 7, you can do it very easily. In the start menu there is a customizable power buttons panel, with power timer feature and this feature helps you to delay any of power management operations. If you want to prepare a shortcut in your regular program then create it by pinning the particular program icon of your start menu and the pinned program icon shows on the left side of your start menu.

At first right click on the start button and then click the properties which one you want to pin to the start menu and then click pin to start menu. Basically this is the process to pin a programs icon to the start menu. Now, if you want to remove the program icon of the start menu, then it cannot remove from the entire program list. To remove the program icon from start menu, first you click start button and after that you right click on that program which one you want to remove from your start menu and then click to remove the particular items from the list. If you want to remove the start button, you can’t do this, because start button is located on the task bar, that’s why you can’t remove this but yes, if you want to move the task bar along with this, then you can do this. For removing the recently open files or properties, you don’t clear it from your PC. At first you have to open the taskbar and start menu particulars by clicking the start button, control panel, appearances and personalization and after that click on the taskbar and start menu. Now for clearing the recently open files, properties, store materials you have to click on the start menu check box and taskbar check box, and finally click on the start menu and taskbar check box for clearing the programs, files, stores and lastly click on the ok button for clearing your data from your computer. You can also restore your start menu default settings. You can search your particular items from start menu. You can easily add run command, recent items to the start menu.

There are some steps for your convenience

1. First click on the start button

2. Then click on the particular items

3. After that, to customize the start menu

a. Check and uncheck the total settings for how you want the total settings to look and behave in the start menu.

4. Now for restore the default customizes settings, you have to click on the use default settings button, which is located at the bottom side.

5. Now click on Ok button for performed your task.