If you have purchased a new system with Vista installed or if you have upgraded the XP version, then also the user wants to make certain changes and do some modifications on the system to make the Vista the way he/she likes. Every user wants to customize the desktop in the way he/she wants to make their Vista appear like. This customization of Vista can be done in various ways such as by changing the images in the background of desktop or by changing the fonts, options on the sidebar, changing the icons etc, all according to the users .This can either be done by some clicks or by going to Control Panel and change the settings from there.

Ways to customize the Windows Vista:- Below mentioned are some of the steps with which you can customize your desktop on Windows Vista.

The image on the background of the desktop can be modified. For this, first of all right click on the original background on desktop. There you will get an option of “Personalize”. After clicking on Personalize you have to select “Desktop Background”. Now you must have stored some images and photos in certain files or folders and also there are some images on the computer itself which Windows Vista automatically loads. So from the list that appears on the dropdown menu, you can select the image of your choice or can browse it to take an image from your file. After this, you have to decide about the positioning of the image such as centered or tiled or stretched and click that button. Then select “OK” and this way you can change the background image of your desktop.

The size of fonts on the desktop can be altered. This can be done by going to Control Panel from the “Start” menu. There in the search box write “Adjust font size” which will take you to the option box named “Personalization: Adjust Font Size (DPI)”. There you have to select an option “Custom DPI”. Here you have to select the percentage of the size which you want of the icon and then click “OK”. If you again want to change the size or return to normal size of icons, you can repeat the procedure.

You also have the flexibility to modify the Sidebar options. This change can be made by going to Start, then Programs. In “Programs”, select Accessories and the select “Windows Sidebar”. The Sidebar icon is there on the taskbar also. You can right click that and Open it from there. When you will click “Always on Top” this Sidebar will always be noticed even if some other program is running. After this, select “Add Gadgets” which will appear when you will right click the Sidebar and start adding gadgets to it. In order to bring a particular gadget to desktop, right click on that gadget and select “Detach from Sidebar” and to bring  it back, right-click again and choose “Attach to Sidebar.”

So besides the above ways, there are various other things with which a user can customize the desktop such as show or hide the icons on desktop, use the “Auto Arrange” or “Align to grid” option, change the wallpaper from the Internet, change the cursor, add a dock, change the visual style and many more.