Microsoft has launched a full stable version of their latest operating system Windows 7. Windows 7 is the latest technology and has support for almost all the latest software and hardware in the market. It definitely is a must to have operating system if you want to stay in accordance to the latest technology and support. Many people have already started switching to Windows 7 but many are still thinking if they really need to make this switch. There can be many factors for deciding the upgrade of Windows 7 on your computer and some of them leads to heavy expenses on computer hardware.

Computers which have not been upgraded with the latest hardware for few years might not be able to install Windows 7 directly and would require hardware upgrade before much wished software upgrade. Let’s discuss some of the deciding factors for Windows 7 upgrade.

Windows Vista was not a very popular operating system if we compare it with the popularity of Windows XP and Windows 7. Many computer manufacturers like Del and HP are still providing Windows XP as preinstalled operating system in their computers instead of Windows Vista. But this will soon end in the month of October this year. From October the major computer manufacturers will ship their computers with Windows 7 in it. This would be the easiest way for people to Windows 7 without thinking a lot for upgrading their previous operating system. But for people who are not planning to buy a new computer will have many questions in their mind before going to purchase the Windows 7. Windows XP was launched way back in year 2001 and by now there are many applications and devices which do not support XP. Microsoft itself will stop the technical support in some time from now and then there would be no choice for XP users to come to Windows 7. Windows XP has been the most stable and most popular operating system after Windows 98 but it won’t be wrong if we call it an old technology. It is advised that if your computer has Windows XP and your computer hardware can support Windows 7 then upgrade is necessary. To check the hardware support of your computer, visit the Microsoft’s web site and download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. It will let you know if any hardware upgrade is required or not.

Minimum requirements of Windows 7 are 1GHz or higher processor(both 32 and 64 Bit), 1GB RAM for 32 Bit version and 2GB of RAM for 64 Bit version, 16 GB hard drive space for 32 Bit and 20 GB for 64 Bit version, DVD Drive, DirectX 9 Ready Video Card with 128 MB of Video Memory. If your computer has all this and is still running on Windows XP then it would be wise to get Windows 7 on it, but what if you have Windows Vista on your computer. This situation is not that confusing because if you wish to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista then you would not require hardware upgrade. If a computer can support Windows Vista then it can also support Windows 7 for sure, after all Windows 7 is just the next generation of Windows Vista. Though Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the same platform but still it is advised that you run Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade advisor, to be on the safer side. Windows Vista can be directly upgraded to Windows 7 ad so you don’t even need to backup your data before installing Windows 7. If you are fed up by the elevation Window in Windows Vista and want to make it more feature rich then you definitely can switch to Windows 7.

Just keep in mind that technology is getting enhanced day by day and to use the technology to its fullest you need to keep your computer up to date. If you use Windows XP only to work on some some custom built software then sticking to XP would be OK, but in all other cases upgrading to Windows 7 is a must.