Microsoft is no doubt one of the most profit earning companies in the world. It is very obvious that earning this much profit is not an easy task. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to bring any product in the world, that no one else has ever brought before. Microsoft is one of the ruling companies that became the leader in the operating system industry, by bringing new products with quality and innovation in one hand.

Microsoft has recently come up with the new version of windows by the name of Windows 7. It’s the best operating system that Microsoft has ever come up with. It’s both stable and user friendly, and on top of that the hardware requirements are not that high as well. In fact even a novice user can use this operating system in a very easy manner.

Microsoft has introduced three versions of Windows 7 at the moment

1.   Home edition

2.   Professional edition

3.   Ultimate edition

Here, we will be discussing the three versions of windows and we will try to figure out which version is suitable for which type of user.

The home edition (as the name indicates) is the simplest and the basic version of the windows 7. Windows 7 Home edition does not possess all the fancy features that a complete version of Windows 7 is expected to offer. Features such as the gadgets are not available. However, the good part is that the price of this home edition is very low, so if you have a low budget and still want to possess the new version of windows; then the home edition is certainly for you.

The second is the professional edition which has got almost all the features that Windows 7 has to offer. It includes all the gadgets as well as basic system security features that Windows operating system has. But this version is for professionals i.e. for people who want to use it for assistance in their profession. The price is high but usually the company pays for it. This version is not recommended for home users or those people who have a low budget.

The last is the ultimate version or more specifically the complete version of Windows 7. There is none of the features of Windows 7 that is not present in this version. From the very basic to the most advance features, there is everything that one can expect from this great OS. This version is for people who want to exploit all the features of Windows 7, but to buy this version you need to do some savings since it’s very expensive.

Since we have discussed various versions of Windows 7 operating system, now you must be in a position to decide which edition is most appropriate for you; but one thing that you need to keep in mind is that Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems that have come in the market. The best part of this OS is that even if you buy the home edition; you can upgrade to newer editions at any later stage.