Data prevention from misuse is one of the greatest problems for the users of the computer. Many people are suffering from attacks in which the hackers or thief thieves their data and uses it for their own purposes. Although there are many software or algorithms available to resolve the security issues, most of these algorithms are very complex for the common users of the computer.

Microsoft is facilitating the users for the computer to encrypt their data from misuse in case of loss. Microsoft introduced the BitLocker decryption for the full disk decryption. You can use it to prevent your data from misuse in case of theft. If anyone gained access to your data, this data will be meaningless for them. Microsoft introduced Bitlocker decryption, first time in Microsoft Windows Vista Operating system. There was a problem with Bitlocker decryption in Microsoft windows vista operating system as it was only able to encrypt the drive that has operating system installed on it. Later, in Windows Vista service pack 1, you are able to encrypt or decrypt the multiple drives.

Compatible Windows 7 Operating System

With the release of windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has added the new feature and now you can encrypt or decrypt portable media, such as thumb drives, hard drives, USB Flash drives, memory cards, pen drives etc. I would like to discuss how we can encrypt or decrypt our data by using the Windows 7 operating system in this article. There are a few simple steps that you can follow for this purpose.

You are in need of the windows 7 operating system being installed on your computer. If you don’t have Microsoft windows 7 operating system installed on your computer, you can download it from the official website of Microsoft or you can purchase a DVD of windows 7 operating system. After installing the operating system you are in need of a thumb drive.

There are five steps which you can perform to achieve the goal. Click on start, located at the bottom left corner of your desktop. Now click on the start button and type BitLocker drive encryption in the search box and press enter.

In the second step, click on the bitlocker drive Encryption. You will find a list of drives in front of you. Now click on the unlock drive option. You will gain the access to your encrypted thumb drive. Now the system will ask you to enter the password. You can only continue with the decryption process in case of incorrect password.

Removing Bitlocker Encryption

Now to remove the Bitlocker encryption, click on “Turn off BitLocker” to begin the decryption process. Now in fourth step, select decrypt drive to start the process. We know that a lower capacity drive will be decrypted faster than the higher capacity drive. A thumb drive with 4 GB will be decrypted faster than the 20GB drive. A progress bar will appear to show the decryption process. Now in the fifth step, close the dialog box after the completion of decryption process and you can prevent your data from misuse by using these simple steps.