The process of disk optimization and Defragmentation in Mac OS collectively represent an issue and a matter of debate over repairing the disk permissions. According to Apple’s advice, there exist two scenarios in which you may need defragmentation of your drive. These two conditions determine the extent of defragmentation needed by your iMac PC. First you may have many numbers of large files and the second one is that your disk may low on disk space i.e. it may be more than 90% full of the total hard drive space. If these are your only concerns, then there are some remedies for you which may help you out to get out of trouble.

In the case you have myriad large files then you can easily create a back up of your important data. Basically everything except the files of operating system, then you have to re-install the Mac OS and then restore files from your backup. It seems somewhat tedious but actually this would result in a faster access to your large files. If you don’t like to do all this, you can use simple utilities like Super Duper! To make a exact clone of your startup drive, then you have to simply format the hard drive using the Apple’s Disk Utility that is located in Applications or Utilities and then you can copy your files back.

Steps to follow up while defragmenting a hard disk drive on iMac Pc:

Open Disc Utility program, located in “Utilities” folder of “Applications” directory. Highlight hard drive from list and have program repair. This is quite an easy and common way to correct some of common errors which may slow down your hard disk drive.

Now look for the program to defragment your computer hard disk drive. Also there are some absolutely free utilities that can run on Mac hard disk drive but you should take care of a program or utility, you are going to buy. You should keep in mind about the stability and support of the program that comes along with your purchased product. Some commonly used Defragmentation programs include the Disc Warrior and iDefrag.

Go to the previous steps to make a back up of your data before you go to defrag a hard disk drive of Mac OS. The chances of Data loss is negligible with well-known and respected programs but still defragmentation process takes a long time as it is a extensive process.

After defragging the Mac hard disk drive, the performance of your computer and the hard drive will be improved. Opening of the applications and large files would be much faster than before. If the hard drive of your Mac pc is occupied more than 75 percent, then the increase in performance will be more noticeable.