Windows XP uses Disk Defragmenter MMC. This defragmenter oriented from the full sellable version of Executive Software Diskeeper. In the Windows XP version, it provides partial functionality in sustain relatively working disk performance simply by means of getting to defragment many volumes that are using the FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file system. You can start the Disk Defragmenter MMC using one of three methods that will be explained in detail in this article.

The First Method: Using Properties on the Local Disk

1.    If you plan on using the first method, you should first open the My Computer folder.
2.    After this, locate the local disk volume that you plan on defragmenting. After you do this, right-click the icon and click on Properties.
3.    Here you will find several tabs. What you want to do is click on Tools. There will be a button saying Defragment Now. Click this and observe as your disk defragmentation

The Second Method: Making Use of Computer Management MMC

1.    Start Computer Management MMC by typing Compmgmt.msc on the command prompt or at the Start Bar, you can click Run.
2.    After you do this, click on Disk Defragmenter.
3.    Click the volume that you wish to undergo defragmenting and then you are supposed to click Defragment.

The Third Method: Using the Disk Defragmenter MMC

1.    Just like with the second method, you can start the Disk Defragmenter MMC by typing in Dfrg.msc on the command prompt or at the Start bar, you can click Run.
2.    Choose the volume that you want to use, after that you can click Defragment.

If you are going to make use of the very effective Disk Defragmenter MMC on Windows XP, then you should be aware that it has several restrictions:

•    The first is that the Disk Defragmenter MMC can only defragment local volumes.
•    It can defragment just one volume in every occurrence.
•    You cannot defragment one disk volume if you are in the process of scanning another.
•    There is no scheduling of defragmentation like in the newer OS. If you require scheduling of disk defragmentation, you can make use of what is called as the Defrag.exe command line tool. If you need to know more about the command Defrag.exe tool, you can look at its site, Definition of the New Command Line Defrag.exe that comes with the Windows XP set in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.•    The last restriction would be that you can run only one MMC program at a time.

These third-party products that have been discussed in the article are all manufacture by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft does not carry any responsibility in the purchase and use of these products whatsoever. So now that you have the information needed to defragment your disk drives on your XP OS, you will be relieved to know that you can always aid in the maintenance and performance of your computer even without taking it to repair shops and technicians.