Regedit is the command to start the registry. You can open it by typing regedit in the ‘run’ from the Start Menu. After typing the word, you can open the registry window by hitting the Enter button. In the registry window, you can change, modify, delete and create new values for each of the many different registry keys.

However, I must tell you that this is a very sensitive process. The registry is the store house for every movement in your computer including installing and uninstalling a new program. It also stores data for every key stroke and mouse moment. It also has all the necessary settings for your Windows Operation System. So whenever you make a change a value in the registry, you are changing a setting in the Operating System. And one wrong change can crash it down and you may have to reinstall the OS if you do that kind of mistake. So be very careful about your every step in the registry. Try to learn how the OS works and make a back up for the current registry values before you make any change there.

Deleting a key in the registry in Windows 7

Changing a registry value in Windows 7 is easier than previous operating systems. To make the change, you have to follow this guideline in perfect order.

First you have to open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Run/Search of the Start Menu. In the left of the window, you will get five major key branches. You have to browse through them to find the specific sub key you are looking for to delete. The value of the sub key is placed in the right of the window.

At this stage, you must confirm that you have created a backup copy of the registry. If you have not done that, close the window and store the values in a secure program; so that you can reestablish the values if you make a mistake.

If you are sure that you have done everything perfectly, you can change the value you desire from the right side of the window. Make sure that you have selected the right sub key in the left. With the right sub key selected condition, click on the Edit from the Registry Editor menu and select Delete. If you select the Delete, there will be led to a confirming window, asking for confirmation about deleting the sub key value. If you are sure, you can have to click on the Yes button.

If you need to change more values, you can follow the same steps. If not, you can close the window.

Check the output result that are present as a result of you changing the keys and see if you do it right. If you find that your computer has crashed or hanged after you exit the window, there is a good chance that you have changed a wrong key or wrong value. In that case, you need to restore the backup registry value and go through the process again to try and get it right.