Computer hazards and malfunctioning have become quite frequent these days. In such times one could easily lose your important data stored in the computer in case the computer crashes. So there is an option in Windows called System Restore. It helps to restore system files, various programs installed by us, registry key, drivers, etc. It does a simple rollback of all the documents saved in the previous version.

If you wish to delete a single Restore point then it’s impossible. It only gives you the option to either delete all the restore points or to delete all the points except the ones that are recent. Restore points occupy disk space. By deleting them you may free up that space temporarily but as soon as there are new restore points the disk space gets occupied again. After deleting the restore points there is no way of restoring the previous version of any file or folders. So you cannot retrieve lost data if there a functioning error or the file gets deleted.

The amounts of space occupied by the system restore point for any hard disk that is of more than 500 MB capacity is 300 MB. In general about three to five percent of the total hard disk space is being used to create restore points. If there is no space for new system restore points then it deletes the old versions to make the extra space. Also the disk space should be more than one GB only then can a hard disk make restore points.

The system restore space is easy to manage.  Click on the start button and then go to computer option. Right click on that and select its properties. On the left hand side you’ll find System protection option. Click on the configure button in it and you will get another option named Disk Space Usage. By moving the slider to the left or right you can increase or decrease the disk space that is allowed to use. This way you can minimize or maximize the use of disk for restore points.

To delete all the restore points start by clicking on the Start button and right-clicking on the computer. Go into its properties and follow the same steps as given above to reach till Disk Space Usage. Hit delete button in it to delete all the restore points. It will ask for confirmation, so click on continue and then on OK to finish deleting the points.

Deleting all but recent system restore points is a bit complicated but by following these guidelines it will be as easy as a child’s play. Click on the start button and search for Disk Cleanup in the search box. Go into the Disk Cleanup option and select the drive. You will get a dialog box showing different options, select Clean up system files. During this entire time if you are asked for administrator password enter it, provide permission and move forward. Go into more options and click on the Cleanup options given in System Restore and Shadow Copies. Again click on delete in the Disk Cleanup dialog box. Click on delete files and then on OK to finally delete the system restore files.