AVG Antivirus Software leaves its traces on the computer after its uninstallation. So, I am going to discuss the basic steps involved in the complete removal of this program from your system. You may be sick and tired of getting error messages when you try to uninstall AVG through the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs method. Using the best “uninstaller” software, you can get complete peace of your mind. Perfect Uninstaller is a program that completely uninstalls AVG for you and removes its all traces of files and extensions. You can simply Uninstall AVG when AVG is a Full Version. For that, find AVG in the program list then Click on Uninstall and Follow up the prompts. This will lead to complete removal of AVG from your PC. You can make a Force Uninstall of AVG, when your AVG is corrupted or half-installed.

Now let us discuss the steps involved in the complete removal of the program by using Perfect Uninstaller program.

Step1: To start with this program execute the application. Perfect Uninstaller will launch instantly then press “Next” to go. Perfect Uninstaller will find the drivers’ position in the registry information and auto-running program and you have to press Next to remove or stop them.

Step 2: After the removal of drivers and shutting down the auto-running program of your computer, Perfect Uninstaller found the directory of AVG again and removes the other dump files.

Step 3: When Perfect Uninstaller found all AVG files and registry information in related directory then press NEXT to remove them. After finishing the above steps, AVG will be 100% to disappear from your PC.

All the Trial and Free versions of many Anti-Virus software makers in the market today, purposely make it difficult to remove them from your computer. Unfortunately AVG is one of those companies that doesn’t support much to you with a Trial or a Free Version of the software. Now, I am going to discuss the two most common errors observed during the uninstallation of AVG. These uninstallation errors of AVG Free version are also known as Local machine installation errors and the error appear to you on the screen is Local machine installation failed. The details of the error shows: Action failed for file avgwdsvc.exe: stopping service%u2026. It means the uninstallation can’t be proceed. Another error is appeared on the screen as 0×8007041d. it is because Installer initialization failed due to following error: “Error: @AvgErrorCode_0×0253 %FILE% = “C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8%u2033 @AvgErrorCode_0×0020”  Now you can Forcibly Uninstall AVG Free Trial Version using a good uninstaller tool. Perfect Uninstaller is such a tool. Perfect Uninstaller will guarantee to completely uninstall AVG for you and remove its all traces of its files and extensions.

The safest and the most effective way to uninstall AVG Anti-Virus software from your PC is by downloading Perfect Uninstaller and let this amazing software do all the work within no time.