Sometimes you noticed that your computer is running slow and you need to clean unnecessary cookies, files, history etc. In previous version of windows you had to go through the several buttons and the “option” windows but with Windows Vista it has been very easy and effortless. Website will no longer remember any information after you delete cookies. (For example they will no longer have record of your username and preference).

What are cookies:  the Web sites which you are visited and are sent to your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and others) create the cookies. When you visit a web page some of these cookies are saved in your hard disc and when you visited the page again your browser send these cookies back to the Web site. There are many ways of cookies to threaten your privacy. Sometimes the purpose of cookies is innocent but they still reveal the fact that you have visited this specific Websites. Every time when you visit the Web pages, the Website can upgrade the cookies adding new usage information. How long cookies remain on the computer decided by the creator. When you close your browser some cookies are automatically deleted but other can stay very long.

You can delete cookies in Windows vista by following steps:

Sometimes we think delete cookies may seem like a hard tusk but it is not, at first to do this being online and having your computer online is must. The word Tools option is in the right upper hand corner in your computer. Click that, it will show you some options you need to click the words Delete Browsing history. This should prompt a window that will open and it is asking you do you want to delete cookies? You will click yes and this will delete cookie. All time cookies are not bad but there is a need to delete them sometimes.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 7:

Open the Internet options by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet and then clicking Internet Option. Then click the General tab and then, under Browsing history, click delete. Under Cookies click Delete Cookies and then click yes you have to delete them. Click close and then click ok

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer 8:

By clicking the start button open the Internet Explorer and then clicking Internet Explorer. Click the Safety button and then click the Internet Browsing History. There is a check box next to Cookies select it. If you do not want to delete Cookies from your favorite websites then select the Preserve Website Data. You have to click Delete to complete the step.

Now a day’s people are becoming more aware of the cookies. To identify their visitors many web sites started to use alternative methods like User Data record, Flash cookies, (local shared object), DOM storage etc. these methods are very similar to the ordinary cookies.