Photographs are essential parts of our lives. We all want to keep photographic memories of important and intimate moments that we treasure. Occasions such as a baby’s first step, first date, prom night, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions are times when we want to take out our camera. Modern devices have made taking pictures quite easy and sometimes we may find out that we have accumulated a lot of pictures on how computer’s hard drive or mobile phone.

A number of reasons however may call for you to delete or permanently remove all or some pictures from your hard drive. For one, pictures eats up a large portion of your computer’s memory and reducing or deleting them will help improve performance speed. If you ever have the need to delete pictures from your hard drive, here are the steps to follow.

Step one

For most computers, pictures stored in the computer can be found in the My Pictures folder. This is usually the default folder where pictures are stored after being uploaded from a digital camera or mobile device. The first step would thus be to access this folder by clicking “Start” from the desktop, then “My Documents” and finally “My Pictures”.

Step Two

To delete pictures individually, you simply have to right click on each picture and click “Delete” or press the Delete key on the keyboard. To delete 2 or more pictures at a time, simply press and hold down CTRL (control) key and then click on all the pictures to be deleted. Each picture file clicked upon will be highlighted and these are the ones that would be deleted. Clicking on any individual highlighted file will un-highlight it and remove it from the list of pictures to be deleted.

Step Three

After selecting the pictures to be deleted, simply right click on any highlighted files and the click Delete or press the Delete key on the keyboard. All the pictures you deleted are transferred to another folder, the “Recycle Bin”. These files have thus only been deleted from the My Pictures folder, but are still on your hard drive and would still eat up memory space. To permanently delete the pictures from your hard drive you need to empty your Recycle Bin. To clear out the folder, click on the Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin. Take note that emptying the recycle bin permanently deletes the picture files and so the action cannot be undone.

It is sometimes hard to delete pictures and lose recorded memories even though that would mean faster computer speed. To solve this problem, you can simply back up your pictures to a flash drive or an external hard drive before permanently deleting them from your hard drive. This way you can enjoy better computer speed and performance and still be able to retrieve your pictures when you need them.