As we continue using our personal computer or laptop we keep on downloading and installing various applications and programs which we seldom use. At times we install some applications available on the Internet to optimize computer performance. It is not only you who does this but these are practices adopted by almost all of the users who have access to the Internet. We know that these applications and files get saved in the hard drive of our computer and occupy decent space on it with the course of time. We should always be aware of what we have on our hard drives and should always keep on removing the unwanted applications to free the hard drive space which plays an important role in the performance of the computer system. Users intentionally install such applications  many of these applications also come pre-installed on our computers from the computer vendor. In order to enhance the performance of your PC Always identify which application you would need and which you don’t. Delete the obsolete files.

Identifying the unwanted applications

  • Identify by name – If you know for sure that a particular application was installed by you and now you won’t be using it then you can uninstall it without any hesitation.
  • Identify by research – It is quite possible that an application might look of no use to by its name and neither had you installed it, but your computer system might need it. Before removing any application from the control panel please make sure you check about the same on the internet. These days many of the software drivers gets themselves registered in the Add/Remove programs and you may not be able to identify it by the name and might end up uninstalling it accidentally.

Removing the Application

  • From Uninstall Shortcut – Majority of the applications when installed makes there shortcut in the start menu. This shortcut is generally an expandable menu item and it contains shortcuts to the application. You can click on the uninstall shortcut to remove the application in subject.
  • From Control Panel – This is the most effective way of removing any application. Follow the steps given below to do the same:
    • Step1: Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu
    • Step2: Open Add/Remove Programs in XP or earlier or open Programs Manager in Vista or later.
    • Step3: Once you get the list of all the installed applications select the one which you wish to delete and then click on Remove/ Uninstall (depending upon the version of Windows you have).
    • Step4: Step3 will invoke the installer of that application and if programmed that ways then it may ask you for your choice from Repair or Remove.
    • Step5: Select Remove to uninstall the application from your computer.

Please note that not all but some applications will demand a computer restart to complete the removal process, so kindly do the same.