If username and passwords are saved on the computer it is very easy to browse the web because you do not need to enter passwords each time. It becomes very easy to visit your favorite sites if the password is saved on the computer memory. But to protect the website or the account from hacking sometimes you need to clear these passwords from computer memory.

To clear passwords from computer memory is not a tough task to do; you just have to stick with following instructions:


To delete saved passwords from a computer, the first step is to open control panel in the computer. To open the control panel just go to start then click on the control panel.


Double click on control panel, now you can see a list of icons. Now find user account in the control panel window. You just have to double click on the user account and it will be open for you.


Now you can see the user account window, in that window click on the manage account passwords from the left menu. Now you will see a box that has list of username and passwords, to edit a password just select it and click remove. It will delete the password.

Windows vista stored all the information on the hard disk by default for security purpose. But may be some reasons like if you are going to sell the computer, you need to delete all the information specially passwords. For security purpose and to prevent your information to be used by others, it is very important to delete the password saved on the computer. To remove all the information in the start bar, type control keymgr.dll and press enter. It will show you all the username and passwords, select those and delete to strict the access.

Besides using computer utilities, you can also use some applications to delete saved passwords from computer. We recommend you to use one application named as Clear All History. It will clear all the history, passwords saved in the browser or computer. It has several options to select from; it will provide you to opt between various browsers like Netscape, internet explorer or Firefox etc. you just have to open this application, then select open main window. Now you just have to click tool button in the toolbar, now select what to clear then browser history. Now you will see a checkbox, just check the delete stored password option. It also gives options to select the specific browser, select the browsers. You have the freedom to delete passwords from several browsers simultaneously.

We recommend you to not use auto complete feature available in browsers if you do not want to save passwords in the computer. It may be convenient to use while visiting websites but it can damage the security of the computer. If you are selling or giving your computer to any one and forgot to delete the entire password, then you can think that how harmful it can be.