Besides rebooting, one of the standard pieces that is advised for the troubleshooting of your computer is to “delete the cookies of your computer”. This could be a really useful thing to do and especially if you are having an individual website on your system which is not behaving in the right manner. The cookies can easily interfere with the proper log in, password protection, page loading and many of the other such things. Some of the cookies are also a problem for the computer security and must be deleted for the sake of computer protection and proper working. However, to delete all of the cookies that are present in your system would not be a good prospect as these cookies usually contain a great number of useful information which would be placed there by you deliberately. You can selectively delete the individual cookies from your system which is running Windows Vista operating system. This would allow you to delete only few cookies while keeping the other ones in your system.

Importance of cookies

The cookies are very much important for your system and do contain such information which can be very useful for you. The system can easily find some of the web sites through these cookies and the response times for certain web sites become really low when you keep the cookies in your system. The web site would open in a quick manner if you keep the cookies in your system. But for some of the web site the cookies might create some problems and this is why you should delete all of those cookies that are creating problem for your system. Certain steps are needed for selectively deleting the individual cookies from your Windows Vista system.

Open file directory

First of all press the windows button for a long time and then press the key ‘E. With the help of pressing this key, the file directory would open.

Know cookies files of your system

Windows Vista operating system stores the cookies in two files and in order to delete some of the cookies you should open each one of the cookie individually and then have a look at the cookies of your system. Choose the ones which you wish to delete. One such file can be C:\ Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\ and one other similar file can also be C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies\Low\. When in the above commands where it is written USERNAME then in that place you must enter the user name of your computer which you created when you first purchased this computer. For instance, the user name can be DAVID or anything like this.

Cookies in directory windows

Copy the first of the directory names of the cookies which are written above and then paste them into the address bar of the directory of your Vista OS. Now hit Return/Enter for bringing up the list of all cookie files. In the normal fashion you can open the cookie folder by clicking through many folders but it does not work in Windows Vista OS.

Finding your cookie

Click on the column of ‘Name’ for the sake of sorting your cookies in an alphabetical manner and start scanning them for the sake of finding the one which you wish to delete. Once you have found the one which you wish to erase you should click on it and then press Delete.