It is very important to figure out which version of Microsoft Windows your computer is running. If you know that your computer is running Vista, but you might not remember which of the four editions of Vista you have. You must have to find out which Service Pack you have in order to figure out if you want to use an application which requires a particular Service Pack to be installed. Microsoft supplies a tool which will allow you to find out the version of which kind of Microsoft Windows you have. This article basically describes how to identify the following information about your Windows that means which version of Windows you are running.

Version Identification

To determine the version of Windows XP which one you are running, then you have to follow these steps.  At first you have to click on the start button and then click Run.  Now in the Open box, you have to type winver.exe and now click OK. Finally the version number is displayed in the About Windows box. If you want to determine which version of Microsoft Windows Vista you are running: then on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, you have to click on Start button, now in the search box type: winver, after that press on the Enter button. Now a dialog box displays the version of Windows Vista which one you are running. With Microsoft Windows 98 System Update and Microsoft Windows 98 Customer Service Pack in which not all files have the version stamp that is listed in the table. Windows 98 System Update that was included in the Windows 98 Customer Service Pack. If you want then you can view file version information by right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer, after that clicking Properties on the shortcut menu and now clicking the Version tab. If the properties for the file do not show a Version tab then there is no version information available for that file.

Indentify the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Version

Sometimes Windows may have been preinstalled on your computer. And these types of installations are referred to as OEM installations. To determine whether you have an OEM installation of Windows then you have to follow these steps. At first you have to click on the Start button and then clickControl Pane, now you have to click on Performance and Maintenance and click System. After that Click the General tab and locate the number which is displayed under Registered to. This registered number typically contains 20 digits. If digits 6, 7, and 8 contain the letters “OEM” then you have an OEM installation of Windows like, the following sample Product ID number which indicates an OEM installation: 123, 45-OEM-6789098-76543. If you want to use an OEM installation of Windows, then contact your computer    manufacturer for general Windows support.

Identify the International Version

If you want to determine the language version of Windows which you are using, then follow these steps: At first click on the Start button and then click Search. Now click All files and folders. In the All or part of the file name box you have to type winver.exe, and then click on the Search option. When the file is located then right-click it and now click on the Properties. After that click on the Version tab and finally Under Item name, click on the Language button. And the language version information is displayed under Value.