Our computer is a combination of different hardware working together to achieve a particular goal. There are two types of memory devices available in our computer. One is for the permanent storage that is called as the Hard disk. While the other hardware is known as RAM which is a volatile storage. A program in running mode resides in the RAM. Our CPU (central processing unit) takes the instructions from the RAM and then after processing the information stores the information to the required memory. Any program during execution in RAM is known as process.

A computer’s speed also depends upon the RAM, because our data resides inside the RAM during the execution of the applications. RAM also supports the graphics. If you have no RAM in your computer or you have an out of order RAM then you will be unable to run your computer, because it will not display the graphics. If you have Low memory in RAM then it is quite possible that your computer would generate the response very late which is not affordable for all the users of the computer.

Operating Systems

Nowadays people are using different operating systems on their computers according to their needs. We have a variety of operating system like Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista operating system, Windows 7 operating system available, but before these operating systems we were using the Windows 98 or Windows 95. However other operating systems are also available, but they are not very popular with many users. Those are Red hat, Linux etc. A computer user can choose any operating system according to his needs. Each operating system facilitates the users of the computer to determine the memory available in the computer.

Determine Computer Memory

This memory can be volatile or nonvolatile. I will discuss only about the Windows 7 operating system that how we can determine the memory available in our computer. If you want to determine the memory of your computer’s hard drive then you can open My computer, then select the drives and you can identify the memory of the computer. You can check the total space or available space also by right click on the drive and selecting the ‘properties’ of the hard drive. It will show you the total space of a drive as well as the free space and used space available in the drive.

Determine Computer Memory in Windows 7

If you are using the windows 7 operating system and want to determine about RAM memory of your computer, you can follow these simple steps: first go to the start menu located at the left corner of the bottom. Then you have to select the control panel on it. Next, select the words System & security and under “system” you will find the installed RAM memory of your computer with its details. If you have installed 1 GB RAM and your computer is displaying less memory then there is no problem. This memory may be occupied by the other hardware such as the video card.

Windows 7 operating system with 32-bit version allows a computer to have a RAM of maximum 4GB. While the amount of RAM memory differs with respect to the version of edition, a home professional version of Windows 7 operating system supports a maximum of 16 GB RAM, while ultimate and professional versions of windows 7 operating system allow up to 192 GB of RAM memory. You can update your system by increasing the RAM of your computer.