Windows Aero is the best designed and most functional Windows user interface ever. Windows Aero is available for PCs using Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise version of Windows Vista and several other versions of Windows 7,  that also uses a compatible graphics card that creates a whole new design. Windows Aero offers a high quality user experience thus visualizing and working with information is easier and smoother, which ultimately results in more stable desktop functions.

Older computers

What if the computer has a less powerful processor and still Windows Vista needs to be installed? Then disabling Aero is a useful option. It certainly saves power, but not exorbitant, so never expect miracles. But every little bit helps, and maybe this is just the bit that is needed for Windows Vista to work on a less powerful computer without any problems.

Moreover, a less powerful (older) computer, often with a less powerful graphics card provides precisely the combination that Windows Aero does not seem to integrate with. Besides such powerful themes and graphics would surely look out of place with the physics of an older machine.

The processor speed is even less critical than its thought to be, the very presence of a graphics card with a fast processor and a fairly large memory make sure that Windows with Aero enabled, works well. But it is not sensible to invest in single, expensive, fast graphics card. Yet it is possible that Windows Vista works on such a computer without sacrificing performance. However, with at least a single compromise, that is to disable Aero.
Only disable Aero

Classic View

If Windows Vista Aero is required without compromising too much of the computer resources, then there is the option for a ‘Classic view’. The advantage of enabling classic view is that it makes a PC with a lower configuration run latest operating systems like Vista, although the appearance is not much different to that of Windows XP classic view.

In this the computer becomes more secured with Windows Vista because the security in Windows Vista is noticeably higher than its predecessor Windows XP.

Disable Windows Aero

Disabling Windows Aero theme is the most famous choice when it comes to optimizing Windows Vista or Windows 7 performance on an older computer. However there are plenty of fine tuning functions that lay beneath the capabilities of the Aero theme. But still the most convenient option is to just disable whatever eats up more resources, in this case the Aero theme.

Although Windows Aero theme, on the outside looks as if just a graphical enhancement to the system, it helps in various other aspects of usage too. Such as creating efficiency, smoothly and easily navigable GUI and application stability in the system. So if in any case the computer meets the minimum specifications to have enabled Aero without a severe performance compromise, the choice has to be in favor of using the revolutionary theme.