Aero Peek to some is extremely beneficial or to some simply put undesirable. There are several ways to disable this feature and I will be covering ways to both permanently and temporarily disable the feature. First, let me explain this feature.

What is Aero Peek?

In simple words it is a feature that enables users to look past all the opened windows and /or applications to see your desktop background with its regular icons and gadgets, without actually minimising any of windows and applications already opened.  It can be handy when you want to see what is on your desktop, especially when you have several windows and applications opened. However, to use the feature the Aero Desktop has to be enabled in the system properties and/or task bar menu. If enabled it can be activated by using the keyboard shortcut of pressing both Windows Logo Key + Spacebar, or simply clicking the show desktop button (which is vertical rectangular bar) at the extreme right hand corner of your taskbar, clicking on it will allow you to see the desktop.

Aero Peek feature is included in all editions – Professional, Home Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7.

Temporarily disabling Aero Peek

As simple as enabling the Aero Peek feature, the disabling Aero Peek is also done by clicking back on the showdesktop button at the extreme right hand corner of your taskbar, which will automatically bring you back to the window or application or software you were working prior to being on the desktop.

Permanently disabling Aero Peek

There are two ways to permanently delete and / or uncheck Aero Peek on windows 7. Aero Peek is a feature that is part of your “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”. The Aero Peek is a check box option available on the Taskbar Menu.  To do this:

  • Right Click on you Taskbar and from the pop menu select Properties.
  • Under the ‘Taskbar’ tab there will be an option at the very end of the window with a check box saying “Use Aero Peek to preview the Desktop”, if the box is checked, UNCHECK it.
  • Click on Apply and then OK button and you are all set and disabled this feature permanently.

Alternatively, Aero Peek feature can be disabled via System Properties of Windows 7. To do this:

  • From your Control Panel select “Advanced system settings” (you can do this be either directly going to the Control Panel or by right clicking on My Computer icon and then selecting Properties)
  • Once you are on the System Properties window click on the ‘Advanced’ tab, and there click on the firstSettings button, which is directly under the “Visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage, and virtual memory”
  • This will open a new window called Performance Options, here under the ‘Visual Effects’ tab ensure pointer is on Custom option. Under the list of options with check boxes, UNCHECK the “Enable Aero Peek” check box
  • Click on Apply and then OK button and this disables the feature permanently

Enabling the option is as simple as following the step by placing a CHECK on the checkboxes , if you one day desire to have this option working on your Windows 7.