It has many features and attributes that are different from other older versions of it. Nowadays it is important for clients and customers to keep themselves updated bout new software and developments in the market. They prefer to keep their Pc’s updated with the latest technology available. So they need to update their operating system too.

Every thing requires updation from hardware, operating systems to software versions.If not updated then new technology wont support older versions of these or customer wont be able to enjoy latest accessories. So newer version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 is available with   some new features and attributes . These features and attributes are simple and easy to use and very user friendly. For eg:- home grouping, remote logins etc. Updation is also a part of services provided by Windows 7.Updation helps the system to avail the best features, services and requirements available on the internet .It helps in securing and updating of system software versions and keep reminding users for updation when required. It also helps in fixing of bugs that occur frequently and detecting viruses etc.

No doubt that the process is very much necessary for pc’s but some times it becomes very irritating. The process requires a lot of time not allowing users to work properly. It also asks for reboot of the system and exiting the currently running process etc.So In this case its better to turn off the update .Update can be extended till 4 hours but there is no process available for stopping it. The only thing to avoid the disturbance is to disable it for always.

The disabling of the updation is not a difficult task. It can easily be disabled by following some simple steps mentioned below:

Step1. Go to the Start menu.

Step2. Look for the search box there. Open the search box and type ”gpedit.msc”in it.Now press enter.

Step3.The window of local group policy editor will open up .In this window on the left hand side look for the folder named Computer Configurations.

Step4. click on that folder. Then  another number of folder will pop up below it.Choose the folder with name Administrative templates.Click on that folder.

Step5.Clicking on that folder will open another set of subfolder list inside it. Then look look for folder with the name Windows Components.Inside this there is a list of another subfolder which contains folder with name Windows Update.

Step6.Click on the Windows update folder.A list of settings will appear on the right part of window inside settings.Look for the option”No auto reboot for the logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installation”. Here change the choice by removing not configured and  enabling it. Then click on the OK button given below and close the winow.

Now the settings have been disabled permanently and no more auto updates will take place. Thus user can now work for hours without rebooting the system.