A thumbnail is a small illustration of a page. It may be an image or even a page that has to be printed. Thumbnails are also an alternative choice to view in windows explorer. When you see images in PDF or in word document in a particular website, they can be viewed page by page in order. It is then called a thumbnail. It has a code of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) in websites to easily download the data in this form. What about the thumbnail previews in the task bar of operating systems? This is common in operating systems like Windows 7, Linux, Macintosh and others. The thumbnail preview in taskbars is different when viewing pictures in explorer folders.

The desktop of Microsoft Windows 7 when compared to XP and Vista is different. Here, at the taskbar, some thumbnails are located. If a person opens a file, a thumbnail will appear on the taskbar. It is easy to pin a program here. To pin a specific program and application, on right clicking the icon, you will see “pin this program into taskbar.”  If you click this, the icon will stay even if you are not using it. Some, such as the Windows media player files (an image of a folder thumbnail) and Internet explorer are already seen by default in the thumbnail preview of taskbar even if you do not pin it.

Sometimes, it causes irritation and even mild anger when there are a lot of thumbnails to preview in the taskbar. So a research and solution is presented for you to disable Windows 7thumbnail previews. Here is how you can do it:

1.      On start research field, type command prompt, then the command prompt will appear. On command prompt, type gpedit.msc. GPEDIT stands for Group Policy editor located in various operating systems like XP, Vista and Windows 7. Now, wait for the Local group Police editor to pop up. At the left portion, you will see Local Computer policy while in the right, you will see Local computer policy with the name of an item to view its description.

2.      Look for User configuration. If you click it, it will expand. Now look for administrative templates including the start menu and taskbar. There you will see some settings like add search internet link to start menu and others. Scroll down and you will see “Turn off taskbar thumbnails” written there. It is located at the bottom when you scroll down.

3.      Next, you should trace “Turn off Taskbar Thumbnails” in right portion of your Group policy editor (gpedit.msc) and double click it.

4.      Select enable and then click apply and press OK. The thumbnail preview will not appear. (Try to read the help portion of the windows system that you use for you to understand the consequences of enabling and disabling it.)

For you to enable it again just go back through the same process, but his time click the disable process on turn off the taskbar thumbnails.

In some thumbnail previews, you can see a program that was recently opened. This will help a person to enjoy the difference between Windows 7 when compared to Windows XP and Vista. Whatever way you would like to configure your Windows 7 computer thumbnails, you must seek proper guidance so that such difficulties do not occur again.