Windows Vista, has so many features which are new and have changed the way Windows look and feel like; but there is a certain fe, who does not welcome all the new applications and look of Windows Vista and want to change it to their own specifications. Especially the new vertically long Sidebar that is extremely useful, but you have the option to disable or remove it anytime you may feel like.

What does the Windows Vista Sidebar do?

The long vertical bar on the side of your desktop stores programs or function that can make your everyday computer functioning easy and more manageable. The beauty of Windows Vista Sidebar is you can easily customise it the way you want it to be, by hiding it, keeping it appear above all the programs or applications you are running on your computer, make it more useful by adding mini-programs called gadgets, adding, removing or use multiple gadgets to making working simpler and more effective, you can also detach these gadgets individually and place them on the desktop. You can enable the Windows Vista Sidebar by clicking on Start, then select All Programs and click on Accessories. From here select windows Sidebar. Alternatively, you can click on Start and use the search function to find Windows Sidebar, just type Windows Sidebar in the search menu and once it is located double click o it and you will have the Sidebar appear on the desktop

Disabling Sidebar

By default the sidebar is enabled and stands above all the programs you are running, for this feature is extremely useful, while for others simple not desirable and it takes a while to get used to. Begin by ensuring you have all applications and programs closed along with any open folders; so you are on the desktop. Go the Control Panel by clicking on the start button or if you know where it is then go there directly. In the Control Panel select System Configurations and Personal Preferences or Appearance and Personalization. This will open the Windows Vista sidebar menu with several option, click on Windows Sidebar properties. Simply uncheck the Sidebar option to disable the feature. Uncheck Start Sidebar when Windows start. This is in a way permanently disabling the sidebar until you choose to enable it back on by going back to the same place.


You can also temporarily disable the sidebar, if you only want it gone for the time being and want it back on your desktop when you back up and running or when you have restarted your computer. To achieve this is as simple as right clicking on the sidebar and select exit. This will temporarily disable the Windows Vista Sidebar.

Windows Vista lets you make your own decisions and let you function more efficiently with it various advanced functions. You can enable, disable it both permanently and temporarily as you want, modify the sidebar look with or without adding gadgets, which can also be set to appear on top of running programs or applications as well as vanish or hide after a certain period of time. All this can be adjusted with modifying the Windows Sidebar properties.