Nowadays the Windows we use in our computers have “Firewall” by default installed in them which actually prevents others from intervention of your computers without your attention towards it. The antivirus software is helpful to prevent Viruses, Trojan horses, Malware, Spyware and Worms from attacking and harming your system’s overall performance, thereby leaving an ill effect on the files of your computer. However, the Firewall option can be blocked accordingly. This actually prevents your access to programs, messengers and websites which you long to use and rather becomes handicapped by the option of “Firewall”. Moreover, at times the security guard of your computer becomes quite cumbersome to handle and rather begins to intrude in all files and web browsing.  Due to these reasons you may like to disable the antivirus program currently running on your PC. But, bear in mind, that if  you turn it off, your computer may become more vulnerable to attacks by viruses, worms and Trojan horses etc.

Guidance: How to disable your Firewall & Anti- virus.

You will be needed a Windows enabled operating system computer.

Ways to disable the Firewall.

Step one

Click the “Start menu” which you can find on the bottom left and extreme left corner of your Windows taskbar on your screen.

Step two

From the list of item displayed in the start menu, select the “Control Panel” tab, which you can easily find located towards the far right hand side of the “start menu”.

Step three

Amongst the icons in the control panel, double-click on “Network and Internet Connections” icon in order to access it. Portray of the icon will be like two computer monitors and a globe attached to it. In the windows prompted, choose by clicking on the “Windows Firewall” and a new dialogue box will be put up.

Step four

In the window prompted, under the section of “General” tab. To disable the windows “firewall” you will be required to click on the “Off” tab, in order to go for disabling the window’s firewall.

Step to disable you Anti-virus.

Step one

Double click on the icon to open the antivirus software. Usually you can find the icon in the “Start” menu for the installed Anti-virus software. If you are using McAfee Antivirus on your computer, then there should be an icon for the anti-virus software in the bottom extreme right corner of the task bar that is adjacent to the clock.

Step Two

To access the security setting of your anti-virus software, you will be required to choose by the clicking the “Settings & Status” tab of you anti-virus.

Step three

To disable the anti-virus software, you will be required to click on the “Security” tab of the window prompted and thereby, you will be required to click on the “Off” tab to disable the anti-virus software.

Thus, according to the above mentioned steps you can easily disable the anti-virus and firewall of the windows, which at times turn out to be irritating and a source of distraction for you.