The Android is one the largest used Smartphone operating systems. It provides thousands of free and subscription based application to enhance the usability of your smartphone. These applications are the add-ons for your smartphione as it enhances the functionality of mobile phone. Some apps are also used for security purposes like the Prey apps which are used to recover the missing Andoid phone.  The recently launched android app is eHow. This application is the palm version of the eHow informative website. The app contains all the functions and information available of the website and keeps your palm full of knowledge and resources. The application is available on Demandmedia and according to this company eHow is the source of more than 1M articles and videos. A vast community shares their experience and information on eHow domain. You need to have a working internet connection (GPRS or Wi-Fi) on your smartphone to make this application work. It is custom built app front-end application which is allowed to access the data from ehow website. eHow application is also available in Android Market app store free of cost. The application allows you to upload videos, images and documents and provides you functionality to be connected to the world of knowledge even if you are travelling.

The next section will explain you to download and install eHow application of your smartphone:


Connect to internet on your smartphone using GPRS or Wi-Fi connection. Mostly you can find a shortcut key which leads to the homepage. If you are using Motorola phone, softly press the button with the home icon.


Once you are on the home page on your Motorola phone, press tab button on the screen which has the up arrow. Press the shopping bag icon which is marked with green robot at bottom.


This step will lead you to android market place and from here you can download eHow application. You can search for the eHow application in the search box in the normal search or quick search.


Once the eHow application is downloaded on your phone, clink the app icon and it will ask you install the application. Install the application and enjoy the loads of information available on eHow domain.

Some very basic steps can give you this exiting app which will pull the information directly from eHow website and present it on your palm. You can consider this application as the small replica of exact eHow website and all the data, videos and images.

You should always have uninterrupted internet connection whiles downloading and installing application on your mobile phone as the internet disturbance can damage the app file and sometime it also can damage the other phone applications.