DAP Premium is a download manager that brings everything for downloader. It is enriched with totally new features that you can’t find anywhere in the market. It brings fast file transfers but definitely it delivers those upon installation.

The increased downloading speed of DAP is just its bread and butter, and this programme doesn’t disappoint the customer at any cost. It speed up the download almost by 200 percent in most of the cases. Besides using common tactic in splitting of files into the smaller pieces and also it automatically seeks the faster mirrors. It can also get a file from simultaneously from several sites and this feature is useful even if a particular site limits your download speed.

Now let us discuss the key steps to Download and Install DAP Premium: To download DAP premium you just have to go through the Google links or through filehippo links. After downloading the programme you need to install it. You can easily install it to the default directory or to a customized location by just executing its downloaded setup file. At the time of installation of download accelerator plus (DAP) it asks your e-mail address to send you special offers but actually you don’t need to submit any kind of information for its installation.

After the installation of DAP you need to customize it. Customizing DAP makes it easier to use, like you can use the handy toolbar of DAP in Internet Explorer or Firefox and it is provided in its installer package. Although this program is free, the trade-off is that “information panel” that displayed on the right portion of the programme interface show some advertisements but it’s easy to get use to. In other respects, the main window is straight forward and easy to use and navigate.

Now let us discuss some common features of DAP: Download Accelerator Plus is world’s most popular brand of download manager with over 180 million users worldwide. It accelerates your downloading speed and gives access to all your favorite files, videos and applications as fast as possible. Additionally, DAP features powerful security, privacy and the file management tools let you know the download with flexibility and confidence. DAP is very easy to use and it works automatically with web browser to provide you the fastest download speed.

Download Accelerator plus will accelerate speed with which you can receive the files over Internet either using FTP or HTTP. Also downloading is quite safer as DAP’s download security is powered by SpeedBit’s Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis. Apart from this, DAP is available to you in 38 languages.

There are some new features that are added in the latest Release of DAP, including the Complete support for Google Chrome browser, Firefox 4 support, video download acceleration via SpeedBit Video Downloader expansion, Improved download process for more easier and reliable downloading and finally smooth streaming of video with the optional video accelerator expansion. Considering the all features of DAP, we can conclude that this feature-rich program is the most valuable and most avid downloader.