The online Apple iStore provides a variety of applications to download. Downloading the apps from the iStore is relatively easy as to download just like any other software.

Following are the key steps involved in downloading the applications from Apple iStore.

Step 1:

Run iTunes 7.7 or newer version of it (if you have download it from Apple’s home site). Now to find the app store, you need to go to the preferences option in iTunes.

Step 2:

After that you can see the highlighted preferences and you need to ensure that checkbox of “Applications” is marked. Now, click on “OK” button and you will see a new item on the left side of iTunes window. Click on that item and you will get a big gray box without having anything in it.

Step 3:

Now to go online for applications Store, you have to click on “Get More Applications” button, located on the lower right corner of the window. Now you will be directed to a page containing the information regarding your application download. This page is the home page of iStore for Apple applications. Now from here you can get any application that you want to run on your iPhone. For example, you can click on “Twitterific”, if you have a eager to get better Twitter client. For any application mentioned on the iStore, there is bit of information available.

Step 4:

To download an application from iStore you need to click on the “GET APP” button but before that you need to be logged in to an iStore account. If you don’t have any iStore account, then you need to create an iStore account. You need to agree to some new terms and conditions of service wording. After that you need to log in with an account id and password and go back to the “GET APP” page. Now you can download your desired application by clicking on “GET APP” button.

Step 5:

Once you download any application from the iStore, it would be a kind of fun to download any application from there. Once you start download and make a collection of your own applications then your Applications library will become visually more interesting. Some time you will observe that some applications are downloaded while others are just “placeholder” icons. This happens because some applications get outdated from the iStore. It will take roughly one minute to download a single application from iStore.

Step 6:

Now you can have applications on your computer in iTunes. You can also use “Get Info” to view more information about them. Now you can have all the applications you want for your iPhone. You should upgrade the iPhone software and then restart. Then you will see an “Applications” tab in your iPhone in iTunes software and you can easily access the application. So, conclusion is that iStore is an easy way to download applications for your iPhone.