Unlike Windows Vista Ultimate the Home Premium does not come configured with DreamScene. But there is no reason to worry as there are plenty of hacks available on the net that would help you install DreamScene on your Windows Vista Home Premium.

Steps to install DreamScenes for Windows Vista Home Premium

  1. Click here to download unzip file of “NonUltimateDreamScene” installer.
  2. Unzip the file to your Desktop in a separate folder.
  3. Select the following files:
  • DreamScene.dll
  • DreamScene.dll.mui
  • themecpl.dll
  • themecpl.dll.mui
  • Installation

    1. Copy files mentioned above to the system 32 folder through this path-My Computer-> C:/->Windows->System 32. You can also just search the folder through the search option in the startup menu.
    2. Once the files have been copied click on InstallDreamScene.bat file. A command prompt appears which installs all the files automatically. Click on any key to continue.
    3. In the last step click on “DreamScene” which is a registry file. The registry files changes the registered settings, so if a message appears click on “Yes” to change the registration settings.
    4. Reeboot your system.
    5. Once your system has started, you can download a list of DreamSences from http://www.dreamscene.org/. Enjoy!!!