You can now download Firefox 4 that was launched on March 23, 2011. Mozilla Firefox 4 is the latest version of the web browser, which has been released by the non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox was developed as part of an open source project. To download Firefox 4, open the website of Mozilla, that is, On the webpage that opens, click on the link Firefox 4 Free Download.

On clicking this link, the download of Firefox 4 will start. First you will be prompted to save the Firefox Setup 4.0 exe file on your computer. You can save the file on the desktop. The setup file will be downloaded on your system. The file size will be around 12 MB. After Firefox 4.0 download is completed, double click on the exe file to install Firefox 4.0. If a version of Mozilla Firefox is already there on your computer, it will be upgraded to the new release. Otherwise Mozilla Firefox 4.0 will be installed on your computer. By clicking on the Mozilla Firefox icon on the desktop or through the ‘Start’ menu, you can open Firefox 4. You will notice several new features in Firefox 4 such as a simple interface, zoom in/out web pages, tagging of websites, new add-ons, better text and graphics, more customization options, content security policy, instant website identification, anti-phishing features, and lots more. So download Mozilla Firefox 4 and enjoy a pleasurable and secure web browsing experience.

Firefox 4