E-mail has become one which everyone keep checking like we check on a baby or even more than that. We need the information to reach quick and what better way than e- mail to get it. Most people have multiple e-mails and it is difficult to keep a track of all. Most of those who work with computers will have a work email id which they don’t want to give out for personal communications since you obviously don’t want to mix up personal and work emails. For personal emails there are lots of other options and many people make use of it fully by even having multiple personal email ids. But it’s always better to have all your mails in a single place for easy access. It gets difficult sometimes when you are working to keep checking personal e-mails in a different place.

Most of the people use MS outlook for mails, usually in offices and there are lots of Hotmail users also. So isn’t better if we have a way to download hotmail to MS outlook. Well, yes you sure can download hotmail to MS outlook and here is how you can do it. You can even access your contacts and calendar as well. If you are a paid subscriber of Hotmail you can access hotmail through outlook express easily. Non paid members will usually get an error message when you try to access hotmail through outlook.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Well if you don’t want to become a paid member but still want to access Hotmail, there is a choice now. For users of Microsoft 2003 or Microsoft 2007, there is a free utility available now from Microsoft outlook and it is called ‘Microsoft Office Outlook Connector’. This will let you download email from your hotmail to Microsoft Outlook. You don’t need to have Windows Live Hotmail plus Subscription for this. The only disadvantage of Microsoft office outlook connector is that this will work with only Microsoft 2003, Microsoft 2007. But the newly launched outlook connector let you download hotmail to MS outlook 2010 also. The new one is version Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 14.0. If you have got Outlook 2010 and you are getting an error message while trying to use the outlook connector, you need to uninstall the previous version of the connector and reinstall the new version 14.0. This should solve the problem.

How to Install?

To install the connector, you need to close the Microsoft outlook and then install it like you install any program. Once you have installed it you need to set up your hotmail account in the outlook. As soon as you open the Microsoft outlook you will be prompted to enter the hotmail account details like e-mail id and password and then you have to restart Microsoft outlook. When you open it after restart, you can see your hotmail account under the drop down box ‘account’ and you can keep switching between your Microsoft outlook and hotmail accounts as you wish whenever you want to send or receive mails.