Microsoft Word cannot be downloaded free of cost as this action if done implies that the rules of Microsoft are violated. In order to download Microsoft Word, you have to purchase the particular software for that. Purchasing the software does not mean that you have to go the market, place an order and wait for some time for its delivery. There is a software download option made available by Microsoft for its users where user can buy the Microsoft Word from its online store instead of purchasing the installation CD from the market. So there will be no tension of delivery also and user will have the option too to again download and have access to the MS Word version in case there is a need to install the software again.

Procedure to download Microsoft Word on your computer:

There are two ways by which Microsoft Word can be downloaded. Either it can be downloaded by using Microsoft Store Download Manager or by the help of Internet Browser. Both the ways are discussed in detail as follows:

Using Microsoft Store Download Manager:

For downloading the Microsoft Word by using Microsoft Store Download Manager, the steps are:

First of all, a user has to buy the full or upgraded version of Microsoft Word at the Microsoft Store. User has to maintain a Microsoft Store Account in order to sign in into the existing Windows Live ID or has to create a new account. Windows Live ID is a universal facility by Microsoft by which many number of sites can be accessed by users without opening any additional user accounts for it. There is a link of Microsoft Store Download Manager which you have to choose. If any product is downloaded for the first time, then the instructions on the screen will automatically be displayed guiding the user to install the Microsoft Store Download Manager first. This Microsoft Store Download Manager is application to only few Operating Systems such as 2003, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. To start the process of downloading, select “Download Now”. If the download gets complete, then select the option “Install”. But if you want to install the Microsoft Word later, then you just click on the option “Show Folder” which will help you to save the downloaded program in that folder. Later, whenever you want to install it, you can select that setup and upgrade it.

Using Internet Browser:

The Operating Systems which are not the one as mentioned above, so for downloading Microsoft Word, they can use Internet Browser which can be used in the below mentioned ways.

The first step is same as the above mentioned step as you will need Microsoft Store Download Manager here also involving the same signing in making the use of the present Windows Live ID or by making a new account. There is an already in built feature of download which is present in the Internet browser. So to use that, select an option “Browser Download”. To begin with the download process, click “Run” and if you don’t want to start the setup process at the same time, you can also choose the “Save” option in order to save that Word Installation file to the folder chosen by you at a particular location. Whenever you choose to install it, you can open the folder and do the needful.