Android is a popular smart phone operating system and its popularity is further increasing with every passing day. The reason is its vast support for various applications and file formats. It has given a whole new dimension to the smart phone interface and has made application development easy for developers. It is a kind of application stack which has an operating system, layer for Middleware, and another top level layer for various applications. Android supports all JAVA based object oriented applications which can be executed on Dalvik virtual machine and since these applications are JAVA based so they run in their own environment and makes the Android smart phone a multitasking device. Apart from JAVA Android also supports libraries from C and C++ giving more chance to the developers to create various applications. Android phones are full packed phones which have support for Bluetooth, Media Streaming, Wi-Fi, EDGE, AGPS, GPS and Accelerometer.

On the other hand eHow is a resource for immense knowledge on How To issues. Search for how to do anything and you will find an article on eHow’s website for the same. eHow already has a decent number of article base and it is increasing every day. Will it not be good to get eHow integrated on your Android Smart Phone so that you get ready knowledge of all the How To issues right on your phone. Yes, this can be done and it can be done by simply installing the eHow application on your Android phone so that the application uses your phones network to give you the answers of what you ask in it.

In this post I will explain the simple steps of downloading and installing the eHow application on your Android Smart phone and how to use it effectively.

Step1: Open the Android market place on your Android Smart Phone and go to search. Search for eHow and on completion search will list eHow app as the result.

Step2: Select this application and it will ask you if you wish to download the application. Select yes to proceed with the download.

Step3: Once the download completes it will prompt you to install the downloaded application.

Step4: Follow the simple on screen instruction to go with the installation and installation will complete automatically.

By following the simple steps mentioned above you will install the eHow Application on your Android phone and it will show up in the list of installed applications. To search for any article using eHow app just open the app and type your search string in the search bar of eHow. It will list you the relevant topics and will also notify you if the results are video tutorials or text based articles. You can then select the most appropriate result and continue reading. eHow already has a huge article base containing around 170,000 video tutorials and more than 1 Million text articles. eHow is a proprietary social network and there are many groups, communities and users who daily update articles on it. Being a subscriber of eHow even you can post your articles which will then be read by people across the globe.