The Wonders of Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 Beta is a version of Microsoft Windows operating systems that is said to beat Windows XP and Vista in several key areas.

To be able to successfully install Windows 7 Beta on your computer, you would need approximately 16 GB hard disk space, a stable internet connection, a CD burner, and a blank CD with at least 4.6 GB space.

Download steps

The following steps are to be followed if you want to install Windows 7 Beta on your computer. It would be helpful to print out this article first before continuing for easier and faster access to these steps since some parts of the steps in this article would require you to restart your computer.

  1. Download the file from the following megaupload links. Simply type the following URL links on your computer browser or you may also click on the links and download each file.
      • It is not advisable though to download them all at once in different windows or tabs on your browser since megaupload only allows downloading files one at a time.
  2. Extract the downloaded files into a folder with a similar name.
  3. Go to and download WinRar. Extract it to its own file.
  4. Convert all these files into ISO files. You may download a program for this online if you don’t have an ISO maker on your computer.
  5. Get the blank CD and burn all these selected files into the CD,
  6. After burning, take out the CD and then restart your computer.
  7. While starting up, there is an option where you can view your computer’s settings. The command varies for different computers. In my case, the settings can be displayed by pressing the F2 key while starting up.
  8. After pressing F2 or whatever command was used to show set-up, there will be an option for “Boot Settings”. Select “Boot from Disk” to be the primary boot source by placing it on top priority. Then click Enter.
  9. This will now activate Windows 7 Beta. Restart your computer again.
  10. Go back to the settings menu from step 7. From the “Boot Settings” menu again, bring it back to its original configuration by selecting “Boot from hard Drive/System”. Your original processor will now boot itself.
  11. On the Start menu or on your desktop, right click on the “My Computer” icon and then click “Manage”.  From the window that appears, double click on “Storage”.
  12. Double click on “Disk Management” where all your hard drives will appear in a window. Right click on the hard drive that has 16 GB available space and then select “Shrink Volume”.
  13. A menu will now appear. Input 1600 MB in the “Enter the amount of space you want to shrink” part. Click OK. This will now give you a separated hard drive.
  14. Go to My Computer. Copy the information from the burned CD to the new separated hard disk space that you created. Restart your computer again when finished.
  15. Access the settings menu again from the restart phase. In “Boot Settings”, click “Boot from Disk”. After it boots, then you can go to My Computer and enjoy the wonders of Windows 7 Beta.