Microsoft Office is the most famous office tools among computer users. Each and every tool included in MS Office like MS Word, MS Access, Excel or PowerPoint is extremely famous among office tools. They are user friendly, very simple and easy to use. The main feature of this software is the compatibility among tools like MS word is compatible with Ms PowerPoint and other tools also. This is the main reason every one prefers this amazing software over others.

Microsoft Access is great software to manage databases of your company and office. Microsoft Access is a useful program to manage any big sizes data. It is used vastly to manage databases from smaller scale to the bigger one. If you want to edit the data given or exist in the MS Access, then you can do it easily without deleting the data.

It’s not necessary to delete files in Microsoft Access; you can just change the data.

If you want to change information retrieval then you can do it simply and quickly to edit an existing relationship in Microsoft Access rather than to delete it and start it over.

Following are steps to edit an Existing Relationship in Microsoft Access.

Step 1:

First of all close all tables that are open and then use the F11 key to open the Database window. Now, click the Table tab and after that click Relationship icon on the toolbar.

Step 2:

You can now select Relationships from the Tools menu and a window will appear displaying your relationships. Now, you can locate the tables that you want to change, now double click on the line that joining them and then a window will appear.

Step 3:

Just Edit the relationship options using the guide in the window then click to set referential integrity if its desired then Referential integrity ensures that relationships between related tables which are valid and that you don’t accidentally delete related data now just click OK. After clicking OK, just do not forget to save the changed database to your specified location. To save the database click save and specify the location on your computer for future use.

By using above steps you can easily edit an Existing Relationship in Microsoft Access. Editing an existing relationship will become very easy after reading this article and you will not face any difficulty while doing so.