The edit dual boot feature allows you to try out Windows 7 without necessarily having to uninstall your current version of Windows whether XP or Vista. It is one to sample the latest addition in Microsoft’s long line of Operating Systems while still holding on to your existing operating system.

To begin with

Download the trial version of Windows 7 and burn in into an empty DVD using any suitable burner software, Nero or any others. Burn the ISO to your DVD for the procedure.

First and foremost you have to partition your hard drive. The new partition is specifically for keeping the Windows 7 OS you are about to install in your machine. At this point, it is perhaps important to remember hat partitioning may vary with respect to the operating you are currently running on your machine. Remember windows 7 comes with its own partitioning tool and some operating systems such windows XP do not. So for the operating systems that do not have an inbuilt partitioning tool; find one online and download and you can even find them on open source software sites. Burn your downloaded partitioning software in a CD as well and reboot your computer, the aim being to boot from the partitioning CD.

Check BIOS setting to enable CD boot

Be sure your BIOS is set to boot CD to enable this, and once the partitioning tool shows up, try to create enough free space to accommodate the Windows 7 partition you are about to create. The minimum you need to create for the windows 7 to run efficiently is 16GB. After you have done the above, simply save the changes and exit. The process is different for Vista as well in which you will simply access the control panel, go to system and maintenance, access the administrative tools and land on Computer management from where you can create the needed space. From Computer management, Disk management can be easily seen, simply access it and free up space.

If you are done with creating space, installing Windows 7 should now be relatively easy. Just put the Windows 7 DVD you created into your disk drive and reboot your machine. Again, be sure to change the BIOS to enable booting from the DVD if the feature is not enabled. Once the DVD picks up from the boot, simply follow instructions from there but for starters, select Custom under installation type and pick your created partition. I must emphasis here that if you pick the wrong installation, you risk losing all your other installation completely. So be careful!

There you have it! The installation will now begin and all you have to do is wait for some time for it to complete. Your PC might restart a couple of times, which is perfectly okay. However, a prompt will appear soon requiring that you set up your new account, the license key and windows itself.

You have just successfully installed your new windows 7 and can now dual boot whichever way you like between your two operating systems.